If you have a small or medium business, simple leasing is available from Grassroots IT. Leasing is ideal for most business equipment, office technology, computers or software.....It's easy and you can arrange it now!

You don’t have to be a big business to enjoy the benefits of leasing with Grassroots IT. Get the capital equipment or software you need with one of our business-friendly leases and enjoy smoother cash flow, tax effective payments and flexible options.

Just check out the figures below to determine how much your monthly lease would be.

Retail $    Monthly 
$1,000      $  40.64
$1,500      $  60.97
$2,000      $  78.34
$5,000      $195.84
$10,000    $372.41

Prices are Exclusive of GST and for a 36 mth term. These prices are based on Lease to Own and we can do shorter terms if required

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